The short answer to the question is:

TO BECOME WHO YOU WERE CREATED TO BE or in other words, to discover and reach your full God-given potential!

Over 7 billion people cannot answer that question, why? Because other things have their attention, focus, and heart strings or they have never been taught the reality and purpose for their existence. Instead, people are in pursuit of money, pleasure, and the acquiring of material possessions.

Our first true and essential pursuit must be to become who we were created to be. The only effective way for that to take place in our life is to understand how we are created, designed, and wired. What does that look like practically?


The creator of the pencil intended for it to be a writing instrument and not to be hammered as a nail. The cloud to pour down rain, the sun to radiate heat, the automobile to be driven and the vehicle accelerator to be given gas! I believe you get my point.

So how about you and me? What is our purpose here on this beautiful yet crazy planet? For what reason are you waking up every morning? Why?

Those longing nudges and desires of your heart aren't there by accident nor chance. They have been placed in you as simple as a pencil was manufactured with an eraser and pencil lead. 


There's a plan and blueprint behind your existence! You may think it's crazy, yet I will prove it shortly. How cool is that? How exciting! Imagine the possibilities of what you are capable of. You can grasp that truth to some extent, but not fully.


Process? What does that mean? Like a tree looking back can acknowledge that it was once a tiny fragile seed, so can you look back and know that you have come this far.


The day after your mother gave you birth you were not reading words like you're reading now. It took learning, making mistakes pronouncing syllables and consonants. It took a process! But look at you now, reading was always built in you. The potential in you had to evolve, that is process.

So how do you extract and manifest potential? How does one reveal capabilities that can conquer kingdoms and invent the future? How can one expand and further science, medicine, art, and so on?


Now what in the world does that mean? "Of course keys unlock", you may say.


We don't succeed or advance in life often due to the fact that we are ignorant of keys that can propel us forward. If we knew and understood certain truths and applied them we wouldn't be stuck in areas where we are stuck in today.

Understanding certain keys have the power to change our lives. They can bring us out of ignorance and into truth, out of darkness and into light. These keys can free us from constantly being broke and into wealth, at least having enough financially for our loved ones.

Allow me to share one key now:


Again, you may say, "What? Humility, really? That's a key?" Absolutely. I'm learning that humility walks side to side to Love.


Geesh, now I'm using words that are soft and mushy. Listen, after hitting so many walls in my life, I was willing to try anything. Failure was constantly following me, so I surrendered to success by applying keys that suddenly began to open doors in the very walls I was hitting.

If a certain key opens the door, wouldn't it be wise to use the key?

This key is so powerful that it has the potential to make you lifelong friends. How's that for a key! How valuable is that? It can be essential in business, relationships, and in creating a multitude of inventions.This key inspires another key to take action:



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