You are not born with a spirit of excellence, yet one can attain it through diligent study and the process of life.

Excellence is learned and practiced! It is within reach to those who are willing to work hard and pursue it. Just like the virtue of wisdom, it is worth going after and holding on to it as a pitbull cleaves to a piece of raw meat.

Excellence will not just fall from the sky and hit you on the head, no way! It's not that simple. It will elude you until you understand it, embrace it, and make it your best friend. And again, like wisdom, excellence will crown you with favor and success.

Excellence will never showoff or promote itself for selfish reasons, rather, it will carry servanthood as a royal garment for the benefit of others.


A spirit of excellence will definitely benefit the person walking in it as well. Knowing that one is living to a higher standard should always bring satisfaction. 


It begins with not conforming to mediocrity. Avoiding the average way of doing things. Excellence is living by above standards, higher, superior standards. The higher one climbs a challenging mountain, the more spectacular the views!

Do you mean it will take hard work and effort? Yep! Or, if you are to lazy and afraid, then stay average. However, if you are willing to work hard, fight , grow, study, change habits, change mental patterns, and even carry a little "healthy fear" into the unknown, then excellence will be your royal apparel.

Discipline will carry you and commitment will keep you in the spirit of excellence. Without it you will never reach your full God-given potential. It is the outer reflection of the inward determination.


Excellence of spirit is the highest of integral behavior. It is integrity with class, with purity, and the supreme level of character.

Is it any wonder that it can catapult your business, your relationships, and yes, even your finances?